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Tutti Frutti

Original Boilies Tutti Fruiti
Airo Pop Ups
Tutti Frutti Wafters
6 8mm micro pop ups Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti Glugged Hookbait
Impact Boilie Dips Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti Bait Booster Syrup
Tutti Frutti pellets
Tutti Frutti Stick Mix
Price: £ 4.50 - £ 45.95
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In boilie terms, the original Richworth Tutti Frutti is now considered a legendary carp bait, outlasting and out catching probably every other bait that's ever been on the market. It's stood the test of time for one reason - it catches as well today as it always has.

The Tutti has a reputation of being a devastating winter bait. Perhaps the fruity blend and sweet scent of berries resemble the flavours of the remnants of fruit dropping into the lakes in autumn before winter approaches. However the reality of Tutti Frutti is it's an instant bait for 12 months of the year.  The bright orange distinctive colour combined with the fruity scent, which is slowly released over time through the levels of the water is an out and out carp attractor.

We doubt there is a venue anywhere in the UK where Tutti Frutti hasn't caught and caught well - from well stock day ticket waters right down to some of the most challenging waters in the country.

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