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S-Core Boilies Range

S Core – the best baits from a reliable UK company.

S-Core 3 - Arctic Crab

An awsome bait …… open the bag and you're immediately hit with deep...

S Core3 Arctic Crab Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £11.99
View S-Core 3 - Arctic Crab

S-Core 2 - The Fishy One

This dark coloured fishmeal and krill based bait has no added flavours or colours...

S Core 2
Price: £4.99 - £11.99
View S-Core 2 - The Fishy One

S-Core Original

S-Core Richworth's now legendary S-Core original was the product of years of research...

S Core Original
Price: £3.99 - £11.99
View S-Core Original

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