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Neil Stansbridge

Hi I’m Neil Stansbridge I’ve been fishing for 30 years I first remember fishing with my father on Southampton common that is where I first got the taste for carp fishing, that then lead me to Broadlands Lake were I first started my carp angling and got easily hooked landing my first double figure carp in the shape of piglet, that was the second largest carp in the lake at the time. Instantly I was hooked I used Richworth baits for many years while fishing the lake I remember using plum royal and pva bags of pellet fished tight to the island 20+ years on, I am now the head bailiff and still get a buzz whenever I’m out on the bank. My English pb was caught from a local club water at 47lb12oz but I can’t get away with what is in Broadlands and being part of the carp community around the lakes being able to relive those days using Richworth so being part of this great team is something I am really excited about and is also fantastic to add to my angling portfolio tight lines.


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