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Plum Royale

Original Boilies Plum Royale
Original Pop Ups Plum Royale
Plum Royale Stick Mix
Original Impact Boilie Dip Plum Royale
Price: £ 4.99 - £ 45.95
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Plum Royale is deep orange in colour, with a strong super sweet plum scent that is unmistakable when opening up a bag.  On the global stage, particularly in Eastern Europe, Plum Royale is one of the best selling boilies within the Richworth range.

It’s unique sweet taste, smell and aroma combined with the deep orange visual attractor means everything about Plum Royale is designed to get an instant bite.  Plum Royale can be used as an instant bait and is especially effective during autumn and winter, but produces many fish all over the world all year round.

If you are looking for a slightly different bait and can be used 12 months of the  year for instant success, then this is the bait for you.

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